Community Scheme Portfolio Manager 20200

The post that is available is for an Executive Scheme Portfolio Manager.


Salary: R7 000.00 (May be negotiated for persons with experience)

Kindly note that there will be a probation period of 3 months.

Commission percentages are negotiated subject to experience and qualifications.



10% - 30% commission on all fees generated by the person that are paid by the relevant parties.


Probation: 3 Months


The person must within this 3-month probation period familiarize him-/ herself with the contents of the:


Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act.

Sectional Titles Schemes Management Regulations.

Community Schemes Ombud Services Act and Regulations.

Rental Housing Act and Regulations.

Magistrate Court Rules.

High Court Rules.


The person must within 3 months reach a level of expertise to be able to work independently as an Executive Management Portfolio Manager.


The Post.


The person will deal with all enquiries from owners and trustees of Executive Schemes. 

Some of the task will include:

Attend to trustee / directors meetings and type the minutes of the meetings. (Meetings may take place after hours or over weekends)(Mostly attendance to meetings will be via Zoom)

Arrange Annual General Meetings, attend to same and type the minutes of the meetings.

To set up and manage Round Robin Resolutions.

To deal with all enquiries from owners and trustees.

To manage all insurance claims.

To manage all contractors.

To follow internal levy in arrear procedures.

To follow internal rent in arrear procedures.

To follow internal Acknowledgement of debt procedures.

To draw up summonses.

To manage hand over files for arrear levies which i.a. includes summons up to warrant of execution procedures.

To attend to litigation files allocated.


Further requirements.


Must be able to work from home. (Full office is available if persons prefers to work from the office)

Must be able to attend to the office at least once a week, sometimes more per week. (May be negotiated for persons staying far away)

Must have his/her own computer at home.

Must have his/her own internet at home.

Must be able to set up a home office that is professional without background noise and interference.

Must have self-discipline to attend to normal office hours when working from home.

Must be able to attend to office meetings per Zoom. (We provide Zoom facilities)


If you have read up to here and you are still interested in the post, you need to follow the below procedure.

All applications that do not adhere to the below request will NOT BE considered.


Please complete the below questionnaire in detail.



Once completed send the answers to with the following heading:




The answer must also include a short CV of yourself.

A recent photo of yourself.

Your Facebook profile name, if any.

A copy of your ID.

For non-Residents please supply a copy of your passport and Work Permit.

At least 2 contact numbers of references.


Kindly answer the following questions and return by email to





What do you believe is the best attributes to be a Portfolio Manager?

Please give a short paragraph of your understanding of a Community Scheme.

Please give a short paragraph of your understanding of the difference between a Body Corporate and a Homeowners Association.


Please give a short paragraph of the difference between the Magistrate Courts and High Courts.


Please give your understanding of the following:



Rent Tribunal


Will you be able and be prepared to attend to trustee meeting after office hours?


Will you be able and be prepared to attend Annual General Meetings after hours?


Property Practitioners (Estate Agent working for Attorneys)

We also have opportunities for persons who wants to work full time as a property practitioner. (No Basic Salary – Good Commission Structure)

To find out more please send an email to

Clearly state that you apply for the position as a Property Practitioner.




Riaan Oosthuysen


Oosthuysen Att Inc t/a OPROPSA Attorneys.