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As an Executive Managing Agent or a Managing Agent in terms of Management Rule 28(5) we offer the following service to the Trustees and / or Members of the Body Corporate

  • Assisting the Owners in the determination of replacement values of improvements for insurance purposes and arranging for valuations where required.

  • Arranging for the insurance of buildings and improvements and any other insurance the Body Corporate may require.

  • The control and management of all insurance claims by owners of the Body Corporate from date of lodgment to date of payment to the owner and or the contractor as well as assisting owners with feedback on any unsuccessful claims, lodging of any appeals on behalf of the owners up to finalizing of same.


  • Executing specific instructions from the Owners of the Body Corporate in connection with the enforcement of the Act and the Rules governing the Body Corporate.


  • Assisting and advising the Owners on the maintenance of the common property when so requested.

  • The Managing Agent will every 4 months conduct an inspection at the Body Corporate and submit to the Trustees a Report with:

  • Suggestions as to repairs to and maintenance of the common property;

  • Matters that the Managing Agent considers relevant to the condition of the common property;

  • Indications of any contraventions of the rules of the Body Corporate;

  • During the inspection the Managing Agent will arrange meetings with all relevant personnel and or contractors and report back to the Trustees with any relevant information including but not limited to compliance with their employment and or contractual duties.

  • The Managing agent will advice the trustees in advance of the date of the inspection and will also during the inspection assist the trustees with any relevant request regarding the Body Corporate.

  • Negotiating on behalf of the Owners with:

    • Professional persons, firms or other organizations for the drawing up of specifications for maintenance work to be done on the common property

    • Outside contractors to do certain work or perform certain services on behalf of the Body Corporate

  • The collection of levies and or other income due to the Body Corporate.

  • Verification and payment of all accounts payable by the Body Corporate from available funds.

  • Advising all owners of any major decision that may impact the Body Corporate.

  • Payment of salaries, wages, PAYE, RSC levies, UIF and Workmen’s Compensation on the dates and in the manner determined by the Managing Agent.   


  • Attend to the collection of arrear levies and taking of legal action where necessary.

  • Included Levy Recovery Procedure

The following levy Recovery Procedure will be included in the Monthly Management Fee with no additional cost to the Body Corporate:

The referral to days in the below procedure refers to business days only:

  • Day 1

    1. A courteous email and sms is sent to the owner indicating that the levy is payable.

  • Day 3

    1. A Telephone call to the owner requesting the owner to make payment of the arrears;

    2. An email to the owner confirming the contents of the Telephone call;

    3. A sms to the owner confirming that payment is required.


  • Day 10

    1.  A Notice in terms of Management rule 25(2) (Letter of Demand for Arrear levies) is send per email to the debtor.

    2. A sms indicating that levies are in arrear is send.


  • 2nd Month Day 1 – Owners still in Arrears for a Second Month.


  1. Additional to the normal monthly procedure the following will apply:

  2. Transfer the matter to the Legal Department for recovering purposes.

  3. The file is transferred to the recovery department who proceeds with all necessary legal steps to recover the arrear levies.

  4. A “credit note” is posted on the owner’s statement indicating that the matter was handed over as well as the amount that was handed over.

  5. The owner will receive a levy statement indicating that his levy was handed over.

  6. The amount will be “debited” on the litigation file ensuring that the correct amount is recovered from the owner.

  7. The Litigation program keeps track of Capital (Levy), Interest and cost including legal fees.

  8. Legal fees are payable monthly to the litigation department only on trustee resolution and “debited” on the Levy Account.

  9. The Litigation department on a monthly basis will have a meeting with the trustees to give a report on the litigation matters.

  10. Preparation of monthly arrear reports.


  1. Arranging and attending the Annual General Meeting as well as taking the minutes of the meeting.

  2. Arranging and attending the Trustees meetings when so requested by the Trustees.

    1. Taking and typing of minutes of trustee meetings.

    2. Providing facilities for trustee meetings.

  3. Assisting and advising the Trustees on procedural matters.




  1. Preparation of an annual estimate of income and expenditure for the approval and determination of monthly levies by the Trustees and the Body Corporate.

  2. Keeping full records of the administration of the Body Corporate.

  3. Preparation of monthly unaudited income and expenditure accounts and submitting same to the Trustees if required to do so.

  4. Arranging the annual audit with the auditor of the Body Corporate.

Enquire on Executive Scheme management