Attorneys selling property - Be part of our sales team without any prior knowledge or experience.

We will assist you and train you not to only sell and rent property but also enable you to build up your own team of agents and earn commission from their sales and rentals.

Earn a passive income from rentals.  You place the tenants and the support office will administer the rental and pay you your monthly commission.

All our agents contribute to a compensation plan.  The compensation plan enables you to join agents in your team.  You will receive commission on your teams sales and rentals.  Receive up to 90% commission subject to the compensation plan.

We provide:

*  Office space with internet access;

*  Free listing of your property on Property 24, Private Property, IOL and more;

* Access to SearchWorks;

* Free legal support by qualified attorneys;

* Free training by qualified attorneys;

* Free contracts updated to newest legislation and case law;

* Share properties with fellow agents;

* All documents and training modules are in the cloud giving you the freedom to work from home or any place of your choice;

Our Web tool allows you to upload your property only once to numerous websites and manage your properties online.

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Please contact our office if you want to receive a presentation and find out more of our program.