Kudzi Musademba - Insights and Analytics

1. Use insights and analytics. This will help you to better understand millennials and their needs. Millennials need to see that you as an agent can focus your efforts where they are most effective.

2. Keep eye out for renters. Millennials are spending more money than their parents before they buy their first house. You as an agent are then expected to play open cards with your clients and give them the best advice and act in their best interests.

3. Embrace technology. In the real estate industry, both organisation and follow up are crucial to success. Millennials are the largest group of property buyers and it is crucial that Millennials buyers see you as an agent managing to keep up with the latest technology trends.

4. They appreciate and reward your expertise. After they receive five-star service, more than half of millennials (55 percent) recommend their real estate agent to others and 26 percent leave an online review. For millennials, the relationship doesn’t end at closing: 40 percent of them stay in touch with their agent seeking professional advice about home improvements.

5. They want to talk to a real person. When interacting with real estate agents or lenders, 30 percent prefer a phone call to a text message (16 percent), and 24 percent would rather meet in person than get an email from you (22 percent).

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